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OLMA has been founded since 1969 and, during this years, is specialized in producing finished machines and specific devices for automatized industrial production. In particular OLMA has improved its experience in the field of the electric tubular heating

elements for domestic appliances; and has operated in collaboration with the major producers of this sector.

After 40 years of activity, OLMA can supply the customer with several solutions over each type of problem connected to the realization of flexible plants in order to satisfy the customer's requirements.

OLMA collaborate with professional companies in the field of automation, manufacturing and technological plants.


All the projects are developed by the OLMA's technicians: from the mechanical planning to the specific software for the plants running.


All the machines and devices are examined under serious test by OLMA and customer's technicians.


OLMA offer after sale service for all the machinery supplied.


OLMA operates in a production area of 2500 sq/mt covered and 400 sq/mt of technical and directional offices on a global area of 8000 sq/mt.